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Everyone Benefits

Access almost any service through sharing economy platforms and skilled people through gig platforms?

Travelling or at home, sharing is becoming the new buying.

Gigs are the new work

Sharing , Rental, Gig Economies

As a sharing or gig economy platform you and your brand benefit from your customers having simple access to great guarantees and insurance solutions, seamless with their payments.


Insurers benefit as well

Oula.la helps customers of sharing, on demand and gig platforms with super easy access to patner insurer insurance solutions. Insurers earn revenue from these insurances, conveniently integrated with Oula.la Cover payments on sharing and gig platforms.

How it works – Leah’s Story

Oula.la payments delivering sharing, gig economy insurance solutions, rental guarantees and other protections on an opt-in basis is compelling and elegant in its simplicity.

Why buy when you can access anything through sharing economy platforms? Sharing is already the better way to travel and fast becoming the better alternative to just buy it!

What’s happening to work? Gig is the new work. There are already more than 50 million freelancers in the U.S. alone.

The BIG problems right now for more than a hundred million people engaged in the sharing, on demand and gig economies is that they are under-insured and, often, uninsured.

Billions of people are renting. In the order of a trillion dollars is tied up in rental bonds. Besides the financial inefficiency it is often not fair since many of those renting are roommates, living in shared accommodation. Very often one roommate has provided the rental bond.

Oula.la provides solutions for these BIG problems.

Oula.la partners with leading and highly innovative insurance providers. When setting up their Oula.la Card account customers simply select which solutions they want on an opt-in basis. These solutions are than integrated in Oula.la payments.

Oula.la is planning the launch of Oula.la’s SURE Tokens. SURE tokens will provide access to a pool of funds which will be used for securing insurances from partners, and co-underwriting insurances and guarantees.  SURE tokens would be tradeable on public crypto token exchanges. The potential for increase in SURE token value is a VERY powerful incentive for SURE token holders who pay with Oula.la NOT to make claims. They will appreciate that the value of their Oula.la SURE tokens will increase in intrinsic value when claims are lower than contributions received to the mutual Sure Reserve Funds.


Leah gets a gig in Paris

She gets covered with GigCover.

Leah flies from US to Paris

She’s protected by TravelCover, Sharecover and CancelCover.

Leah finds a place

Leah stays in a beautiful apartment in Paris

Leah rents a car

Leah picks up a peer rental car in Paris for her trip to Bordeaux.

Leah knows that Oula.la payments have leading edge functionality PLUS Oula.la is rolling out one time opt-in (and easy opt-out)  integrated insurance solutions including CancelCover™, TravelCover™, ShareCover™ and GigCover™

Oula.la plans to roll out benefits like freedom from big rental bonds.

Leading insurance solutions in terms of value and customer support will be available via Oula.la payments. Oula.la will also enable funding of a mutual style, blockchain powered SURE Reserve Pool of funds. This will be made possible by thousands of people getting together in a very modern version of “old school” mutual insurance. These people will have subscribed to Oula.la’s SURE series tokens which provide access to funded Reserve Pools.

In these ways Oula.la aims to solve The BIG problems with the renting, sharing, on demand and gig economies where:

  • billions who are engaged in the renting, sharing and gig economies have been massively under-insured and even uninsured
  • trillions of dollars end up in insurance company overheads and profits or tied up in unproductive rental bonds



  • Listed home rentals for Paris and Bordeaux cost EUR 1000
  • 1% (EUR 10) transaction fee to Oula.la
  • 5% (EUR 50) goes to provide Leah with CancelCover™, TravelCover™, ShareCover™
  • Home sharing platform receives EUR 940. The platform and hosts know Oula.la payments include CancelCover™, TravelCover™ and ShareCover™ so they are very happy with the EUR 60.
  • BONUS > on top of the insurance covers Leah receives two free night EXTRA nights accommodation for use either in Bordeaux or an Oula.la credit for future bookings on the home sharing platform.






  • Listed cost EUR 200
  • 1% (EUR 2) payment transaction fee to Oula.la
  • 5% (EUR 10) goes to protect Leah with CancelCover™, TravelCover™, ShareCover™
  • Car sharing platform receives net EUR 188. They and hosts know Oula.la payments include CancelCover™, TravelCover™ and ShareCover™ so they are very happy with allocating EUR 12 for these benefits .






  • Listed cost EUR 200 or
  • 1% (EUR 2) transaction fee to Oula.la
  • 5% (EUR 10) goes to provides Leah with CancelCover™, TravelCover™, ShareCover™
  • Boat sharing platform EUR 188 on outward exchange. The platform and hosts know these Oula.la payments include CancelCover™, TravelCover™ and ShareCover™ so they are very happy with allocating EUR 12 for these benefits ..



All of us benefit


Oula.la Payments brings easy access to insurance solutions, guarantees and, eventually, to peer powered insurances:

  1. Packaging insurance with Oula.la payments. So, when you transact on Oula.la partner platforms then you can secure desirable insurances and guarantees along with the transaction. You select and opt-in to the insurance and guarantee solutions you want when you set up your Oula.la payment account. These settings are easily managed via your Oula.la digital wallet.
  2. Creating Oula.la SURE token accessed Sure Reserve Pool funds where everyone can participate in creating new needed coverage, especially for the sharing, renting and gig economies.
  3. PLUS, provided claims are less then premiums, SURE token holders can benefit from growth in the value of their SURE Tokens as the capacity in the mutual pools grow. This is a new digital version of “old school” mutual insurance.

Sharing, Rental, Gig platforms benefit

As a sharing or gig economy platform you and your brand benefit from your customers having simple access to good insurances and rent guarantees:

  1. Oula.la’s helps build community and synergy, with smart wearables that can used not only payments but also for access to accommodation and to public transport.
  2. All sorts of incentives and deals are possible with Oula.la payments. For example, platforms can offer seasonal or locational incentives which are published to Oula.la account holders.
  3. Your platform may earn revenue from insurance acquired by your customers.

Insurance Customers benefit & Insurers will benefit as well


  1. Customers will really appreciate that Claims can be settled in innovative ways, including automated full, partial and emergency claims settlement via Oula.la payments.
  2. Insurers will earn revenue from insurance to protect acquired via by sharing, rent, on demand and gig platforms customers via Oula.la payments

Key Advisors

Professor Michael Mainelli Michael Mainelli (Project adviser) is the co-founder of Z/Yen, the City of London’s leading commercial think-tank and venture firm. His career summary is a decade of technology research (aerospace, computer, seismology) followed by a decade in finance (Arthur Andersen, partner at BDO Binder Hamlyn and Director of Europe’s largest R&D organization (DERA)) then subsequently over 15 years of finance & technology in Z/Yen. Educated at Harvard, Trinity College Dublin and the London School of Economics he is also Professor Emeritus of Commerce and a Fellow at Gresham College, Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics Department of Management Information Systems & Innovation Group.

Professor Michael Mainelli

Co-Founder, Z/Yen

Giovanni Santini is our Gibraltar based specialist payments and pre-paid cards adviser. Giovanni is very experienced with creation and implementation of pre-paid card schemes. Giovanni’s experience includes:

  • Initiation of new prepaid BIN (bank identification number) projects with major card schemes
  • Liaison point between the client, company, processors, card schemes, card personalisation bureau’s and other third parties.
  • Implementation of NFC (Near Field Communication), dual interface (contact and contactless) products and EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) cards
  • Setup up of Head Office Collection Accounts (HOCA) and associated reconciliation systems.
Giovanni Santini


Global customer advocacy thought leadership, encompassing community programs, enhancing and helping to build brand visibility. Most importantly igniting positive change for Oula.la’s customer community via
– Meet-ups: hosting meet-ups around the world
– Engaging users for storytelling sessions, connecting with other customers in the customer network and in-person connections
– Engaging with the media and speaking at conferences

Listening to people and helping to create a positive community of happy and satisfied customers

Bryony Cole

Customer Advocacy, Oula.la

Ajay Yadav is a member of the 2017 Forbes 30 under 30, the Founder and CEO of Roomi, U.S. leading peer-to-peer marketplace helping people find shared housing and the right people to live with. An expert on the sharing economy and the millennial mindset, Ajay is a regular contributor and international speaker on fundraising, building valued networks and the expat entrepreneur experience.

Ajay Yadav

Founder and CEO, Roomi

Kate Merrill, has outstanding experience as general and corporate counsel, including as Deputy General Counsel & Director M&A for Intel. Kate has extensive international experience across:
• strategic transactions – including mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, investments, partnerships and joint ventures;
• intellectual property – including inbound licenses, SaaS and other outbound licenses, code and software development, co-development and collaboration agreements, patent acquisitions and divestitures;
• commercial transactions – including financings, leases, confidentiality and escrow arrangements, sales and services agreements;
• compliance and ethics – including privacy, corporate governance, anti-corruption, trade, securities, information governance and records management

Kate Merrill

Guillaume Gardey, is Oula.la’s special advisor on big data. Guillaume holds a PhD in computer science with more than 6 years of hands-on experience with Hadoop & Big Data systems and 10 years of experience with distributed systems, databases and software engineering. Guillaume is comfortable stepping in at all levels of a Big Data platform, from planning, design, and architecture, prototyping, and applications development to clusters deployment and operational aspects in collaboration with data scientists, software engineers, devops, analysts, and business users.

Guillaume Gardey, PhD

Big Data Architect

The Team

John Sullivan is Oula.la’s founder, globally responsible for partnerships and chief of strategy. John holds an honours degree in engineering and an MBA, majoring in innovation and entrepreneurship. John has been active in internet ventures since the mid-90s including a listed global accountancy B2B network. John is a globally acknowledged pioneer and thought leader in the sharing and on demand economy and in the applications of blockchain / distributed ledger technology in the insurance, payments, sharing economy and gig economy spaces.

John Sullivan

Founder, Oula.la

Experienced IT Director, Project Manager and Team Leader, Senior Software Engineer with a strong technical background especially in Java-related technologies (JavaEE multitier distributed and highly concurrent systems, cloud computing, mobile systems as well as systems integration). Entrepreneurial character, with a strong focus on the business aspects of leading projects as well as maintaining high quality delivery. Able to coordinate multiple complex IT projects with many stakeholders.

Experienced in payments processing, finance and banking, telco, mobile technology startups.

Fascinated with blockchain applications and virtual currencies. Experienced with Ethereum, Corda and Bitcoin.

Marcin Zduniak

Blockchain Architect, Oula.la

Steve is a highly qualified accountant with over 25 years diverse business experience of developing management information and advising corporate Boards. Previously held key positions in high-profile market-facing roles, delivering solutions for top City firms/consultancies such as Lloyd’s of London, Willis Towers Watson and the Association of British Insurers. Core expertise in Finance, Corporate Governance and Risk Management, but with significant entrepreneurial, commercial and start-up experience

Steve Wells

Regulatory & Risk, Oula.la


Bringing together the latest AI, machine learning, and blockchain technology to create a frictionless customer experience



Advanced AI technology powers a chat based interface which streamlines customer interactions and eliminates the frustration of dealing with traditional insurance providers.


Oula.la aims to build trust in our community. Encouraging positive behaviours and identifying and flagging bad actors will be based on cutting edge machine learning algorithms built for precision in calculating risk. This allows Oulala to provide great guarantees and insurance solutions for low transaction fees.



Blockchain-based smart contracts allow for streamlined payments as well as secure and transparent claims handling.

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